Hi! My name is Brian!

Grip. Cameraman. Adventurist…

Yesterday, as my sister and I pulled away from my driveway, I looked at her and said, “You know, I don’t mind driving.  If you have the right person with you and something good to listen to, its not a bad way to get around.”

Cut to Today:

Not so much.  After 14 hours in the car, running out of cds and nearly falling asleep at the wheel, I’m done.  Glad to be in Fairfield and out of the car for a couple days.

Roslyn was getting a fresh spring coat of snow, so we decided to skip taking the route south through Snoqualmie pass to Portland.  Good thing too since we had no snow tires and the pass closed that day for avalanche control.  To the encouraging sounds of Imogen Heap, we sped southeast through Ellensburg and Yakima to the dalles where we crossed the border and headed into downtown Portland.  The dalles in particular were striking to me.  Steep misty cliffs, long wispy waterfalls against deep, thick forested hills.  I would have taken pictures if I wasn’t dodging semis the whole time.   4 hours in.

Portland was just awesome as usual.  Met up with buddies Lauren, Anna and Sarah.  Got a new pair of shoes(thanks Sarah) and had a great time having burgers and catching up with old friends.  I love this city.  Even finding parking wasn’t too stressful.  Whereas in Seattle I’d be breathing through a paper bag by the time my car was in park.  Every time I visit its like another nail in the coffin.  I must live here. I will live here. Soon.

After a relaxing lunch/dinner we set out to our first overnight stop in Roseberg, OR. Much to my dismay my monster was not keeping me awake sufficiently.  I had to surrender the wheel to Lizzi to prevent a cold, sad death with the racoons on the side of the highway.  An hour or so later we arrived at our stop.  A nice hotel, a soft bed.  I was out in record time. 7 hours in.

 The next morning, after a fox-news filled continental breakfast, we set out once more.  Florence and the machine sped us on our way.  Serpentine roads sent us across the California border feeling a little bit dizzy.  We still passed border inspection though.  They didn’t see the cocaine powder on Lizzie’s lap.  It was yogurt pretzels.

By the time we reached Mount Shasta, we had switched to the Skyrim soundtrack.    It was pretty damn appropriate.

I mean wow, that was pretty epic.  We found lots of little interesting things along the way.  Mostly we entertained ourselves with town names.  The town of Weed provided some good ol’ sixth grade fun.  Also there was Troutdale, and Butteville.  You get the picture.  We’re pretty high class.

We decided to rough it, not stopping for anything but gas, so we arrived about an hour ahead of schedule.  The beautiful rolling dales of Napa Valley never looked so good.  In Fairfield, my aunt and uncle were waiting with wine, pork and potatoes.  Oh and spice cake.  And 70 degree weather!!! Holy crap I almost forgot.  I can’t remember the last time I got to be outside without a parka!

That’s another 7 hours, so 14 total, but probably closer to 15.  Eeesh. I will sleep like a sloth tonight.  Maybe I can leave the Prius here and take a plane home.

I’m joking Midas, I’d never leave you!

Tomorrow we’re driving ‘sigh’ to the ferry so we can explore San Francisco! I’m stoked! The last time I was there I had some fish and left.  Didn’t really get to experience the city much.  We’re going to be focusing on JapanTown for my sister’s sake, but I’m sure we’ll get around enough in a day.

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Onward to Glory!


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