Hi! My name is Brian!

Grip. Cameraman. Adventurist…

A short post on our return journey to Washington from Napa valley.

Aside from arriving at our hotel in one piece, my sister and I had two goals for our return trip.

1-See some big trees
2-See the California coast

Experiencing the Redwoods was a gradual thing. As we re-entered the conifer forests I am familiar with along windy roads north, we would occasionally see a tree that stuck out from the rest. We would say “Wow, thats a big tree.”

That’s a big tree

Soon that mantra became insufficient to describe these entish beasts. Driving through groves of redwoods is like walking down the isles of some grand green cathedral. Huge, sculpted columns reached beyond sight to support a tiered, leafy roof, while windows of woven branch and needle guided sunbeams like stained glass, softly warming the deep darkness within.

I was really surprised by how dense and dark these woods were. It was very different from anything I had seen in my home “evergreen” state.

We skipped most the touristy stuff. We didn’t drive through a tree(wahoo?) and we didn’t gondola through the canopy. Mostly it was because we were crunched on time, also it was because the giant wooden sculptures freaked us out a little. I’ve never wanted to see a life sized paul bunyan and I still don’t. Never again.

We did stop at a place called confusion hill. I needed to answer a call of nature but

I am confused. Mission accomplished.

Lizzi wasn’t too keen on stopping there. It was a weird little shop surrounded by wooden kids play structure and eerie totems of smiling animals. A giant hand pointed at the redwood trees from above the shack. Very monty pythonesque. But creepier. Made weirder by the fact that it was empty. Still It was nice to walk around a bit after driving for so long. We stayed as long as we could stand it. Wasn’t very long.

The next highlight came just before our arrival in crescent city. The ocean had been our driving companion for a while now and we had been wanting to find a good place to pull over and walk the rocky beaches for a couple hours. Then, just as we passed out of a grove of redwoods, we happened upon this awesome little beach right alongside the road.

Jagged rocks, crashing shoals, the smell of salt and seaweed. It was beautiful.

Thats about all there is to our return trip. We made the dark drive to our hotel in Grant’s Pass and drove back up through Portland to Roslyn the next day. I wish I could have had a whole other week to explore the coast as we drove through it. More time tends to be my common request on any trip I take.

I want to give a shout out to my awesome sister Lizzie. You were a great travel companion and I look forward to our next adventure. We should fly next time. And bring my brothers too. They’re starting to feel left out.

For Pics click me face:

Thanks for reading! Next time you hear from me I’ll be blogging from the Land of Ice and Fire! Iceland awaits!

Onward to glory!


4 Responses to “Redwood Confusion”

  1. Lizzi

    And thank you so much for having me on this adventure, Face! 🙂 I had a wonderful time, and will gladly travel with you anytime! You’re awesome!

  2. Nick

    Lovely recounts of your journeys, bro. Wish you’d decide to take me with you though… (wink wink)


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