Well if you want to get personal…

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I hail from the wooded foothills of the cascade mountains in Washington state, where I grew up playing make-believe in the woods for days on end until my parents noticed I was missing. They’re good parents it was just really safe up there.  Still is.  Despite the golfers.

From a young age I was enraptured by video cameras and their story-telling possibilities.  My friends and I made a space epic when I was in middle school and had many other video adventures growing up.  After graduating high school I left the Pacific Northwest and journeyed east to Helena, Montana for higher studies at Carroll College.  For four years I studied everything I could in the true liberal arts fashion.  Literature, religion, theatre, business, etc. I was focused on acting and directing, with some side studies in technology and arts-related business.  While at school I and my friends made a bunch of student films for local film festivals, one of which I ended up running for a couple years.  We garnered a bunch of awards and it was then that I really started to consider following this video thing as a career.

Since graduation I have worked on many film sets, both student-run and professional.  I’ve done everything from location scouting to camera operation to professional gold-fish saver(p.a.).  I’ve also returned to my beloved Northwest corner and worked freelance as a one-man crew.  My clients are diverse, including Washington fish and wildlife, a local winery, a medical clinic, a graduate student’s thesis film and even my Alma Mater. I just recently moved to Portland Oregon and am excited for all the adventures this new city will bring.

That’s about it! I love having a camera in my hand, whatever type of camera it is, and I love telling good stories wherever they may lead me.

If you like my style give me a holler! I’d love to tell your story next.